How is it possible to be a better person in this world?

It can feel extremely overwhelming trying to make yourself be a ‘better’ person.

I’ve certainly felt that way in the past when I’ve wanted to be the person who campaigns and activates for all the right things, recycles, doesn’t wastes and buys things from reputable sources. It’s exhausting and it can make you want to just give up.

Today I have one simple tip for you to help you live a more ethical life.

Just take it one step at a time.

The world isn’t going anywhere. You can become more ethical a gentle step at a time.

I have a very simple approach to this. With a subscription to a physical UK magazine called Ethical Consumer (I tried digital only but I find I wasn’t reading it, it’s the kind of document I like to take a pen to!), I follow this process.

I try to read one page of the magazine every day, without going beyond a page so I don’t become overwhelmed. It also encourages me to understand issues more deeply that way, so if they reference, for example, the tax cuts that big oil companies get from the UK government – I can spend 5-10 minutes reading and researching about this on the internet to inform myself and make an opinion. If there’s a petition to sign I might sign it. If there’s a place to donate money or time and I feel strongly about it after educating myself, I do so.

One page a day. That’s it. Be a better person, gently.

What can you do ‘one page a day’ to take further steps on your ethical journey without overloading & exhausting yourself?

P.S. If you need support in your gentle crafting of your more meaningful life, join me and the gang in Blissful Life Yoga.

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