Hey wonderfuls,

I’ve been thinking recently about how adaptable we are as humans that we can change relatively quickly but not even notice it’s happening.

15 years ago I dreamed of running my own business but didn’t know what it was and was too scared to go solo.


10 years ago I had some idea of what I wanted to do but again was too scared to go solo.


9 years ago I started my journey in building my skillset in the corporate world which later enabled me to stop being afraid to go solo.


4 years ago I formalised my yoga + meditation experience with a kundalini  qualification + tentatively set up my own business.


3 years ago I freaked out about having to submit my first set of accounts and deal with the admin associated with being the CEO of a company instead of just an employee receiving a paycheck. Then I got excited that I had managed to break even in my first year without even really “trying”.


2 years ago I stopped being afraid of biz admin + being the person who was in charge  + started really loving it. I embraced my business + I think that has led some of you to embrace me + want me to be a part of your lives.


1 year ago I realised it’s completely OK to outsource + get help with biz admin + be the one who does the creative work while enlisting others to help you with administration, so that you can continue to deliver more of what people want from you. I do the bit that only I can do.

Today I am more confident, clear + happier than I have ever been in my whole life.

When I look back 15 years ago to that person who wanted to do something but was too afraid, it feels like a totally different person. It was a totally different person. I have changed so much that I wonder if people who knew me 15 years ago would recognise me.

Have you had that experience of seeing people who haven’t seen for a long time who then refer to you as you once were? I have friends who I haven’t seen for a long time who are shocked than I like my glass of wine, as when I was in their lives more prominently I was teetotal. There are people who will only ever remember me as an angsty goth girl. There are people who would laugh out loud at the idea that I am now somebody who gets up at 6am to run, workout + then practice yoga. There are others with many different associations + versions of me that happened over the years. I love accidentally coming into contact with a past version of myself via these experiences. It’s really wonderful to realise just how much you have changed. Just how much it’s POSSIBLE to change.

So why not reflect on your own positive change in the last 15, 10, 5 or even 1 year? How are you different? How are you celebrating that?

I raise my (delicious + completely worth not being teetotal for) glass of Oyster Bay to you, darling. Cheers to you + your change.Love light Raeeka (1)


P.S. if you are local to Berkhamsted don’t forget you can join my upcoming courses + workshops starting mid-September!

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