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I’m Raeeka, your kundalini yoga guide. If you haven’t already – check out some freebies that I’ve put together to help you get started on your kundalini yoga journey. If you want to know a little bit more about me, here’s the scoop! If you want to know what others think of me then check out my client praise page. I’d also LOVE to share my kundalini yoga tips with you on the regular, so don’t forget to join my mailing list.

I have over a decade of experience working in the corporate world so I understand what it means to be under pressure and stressed out. I’m a business owner with a toddler on my hands, so I also understand the challenges of finding balance.

I’ve been through the process and continue along the journey of changing the stress/anxiety mindset into something more powerful and meaningful.  I use kundalini yoga and meditation techniques as well as goal-setting in a gentle, gradual way to help you live a life that’s more joyful.


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