Dearest loves,

This one’s short + sweet this week. I just wanted to remind you that you are doing just fine. Just in case you were having a tough week. Just in case things aren’t going quite to plan. Just keep doing your best. Just keep getting up every morning + doing what you can. Your actions + contributions in the world are important. Keep on keeping on.

Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga said: Keep up + you’ll be kept up!

It’s true. Just do your best + you’ll be kept up. Remember that that also includes self-care. Sleep. Eat. Exercise. Laugh. These are not optional.


+ if you’re having a wonderful week, then share the love.

Uplift somebody else. Elevate somebody else. Play it forward.

With love + light to you however you’re feeling this week, Raeeka xo P.S. if you are local to Berkhamsted¬†+ want to get some exercise into your routine, why not join my walking meditation on Saturday 29th March? Or you could sign up for my Monday evening yoga course on Positive Minds. If you just want to relax to the max, join us for my 4 week yoga nidra course¬†– a guided relaxation.


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