Grab your guide for this challenge

How to practice

The videos will guide you through! 🙂 The only thing to add is that before you tune out (sing Long Time Sun and chant SAT NAM), if you have time then practice the meditation to calm the heart on each day. No worries if you don’t have time though, just do what you can 🙂

Don’t forget – just do your best! If you can’t do the full set just rest and visualise yourself doing the pose. It will come with time.

Remember to share your experience in the bliss-seekers group, tell us which set you are practicing and what benefits you felt. Feel free to also ask any questions/clarifications.

Day 1: Pranayama Energiser Series

Day 2: Basic Spinal Energy Series

Day 3: Stress set for adrenals and kidneys

Day 4: Kriya for people in anxiety

Day 5: Bridge series for power to the heart

Day 6: Kriya for Conquering Sleep

Day 7: Use your intuition! Choose any yoga set from the above…or even go crazy and use an extra one from the library.

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