Dear gorgeous souls,

Relaxing more is often something we put down as one of our resolutions each year. Me time. Time to go within. Whatever you want to call it, we all need it, + when we’re busy it’s often the thing we allow ourselves to stop scheduling in. It’s definitely something that has come up as a part of the Make 2015 Blissful, Bountiful + Beautiful group I run.

It’s normally exactly what we need to re-charge + reset ourselves to be present + contribute in the world.

Here are some simple steps to building more relaxation + you time into your routine.

1. Make an appointment with yourself

In the same way you’d like an appointment to see a doctor, go your child’s parents evening or attend a meeting at work – put a relaxation appointment in your diary. Be disciplined + try to stick to it unless there’s an emergency (like you would most of the above. What you do is up to you – it could be a massage appointment or you could just put aside 15 minutes to lie back + listen to a yoga nidra meditation before bed.

2. Try new things


Make a list of 20 ways you’d like to relax this year. They don’t have to be costly or require a lot of time. Just make a “Things I’d like to do to get some R&R” list. Commit to trying to each of them at least once this year. If you’d like some accountability on this kind of thing then join the blissful, bountiful + beautiful group where you can share your list + tell others what you’re up to + motivate each other to achieve your goals.

3. Understand the science

When we relax with activate our parasympathetic nervous system. This is the half of the nervous system that is about putting on the breaks, rather than the accelerator. If you think about it, like anything else, our nervous systems, minds + bodies experience wear + tear. If we don’t stop to recuperate + slow down then we are actually making ourselves less efficient. Don’t trick yourself into thinking that being on the go constantly is a good thing for your mind, body + soul. It’s just not, darling.

4. Stop feeling guilty


As humans we just love to make ourselves feel guilty. We feel guilty over what we eat, how we spend our time, what we spend our money on. Relaxation is essential to our ability to function as healthy, happy human beings. If you want to be the best person you can be – you need some time to yourself to chill out. If you start feeling guilty about it then reframe your negative thoughts immediately. Rather than thinking I feel so guilty I don’t have time to do this – reframe to – I know that taking just a few minutes to breathe/practice yoga/have a bath will make me a better person today.

I’d love to receive your R&R lists of 20 activities! Feel free to hit reply if you’re on the mailing list + share with me :] Make time for yourself, lovely one.

Love + Light,



P.S., if you are local to Berkhamsted then I have some really wonderful relaxation offerings coming up. Gong Relaxation (only 2 spaces left!), Yoga nidra course (only 4 spots left – a longer version of the free meditation linked in this post!), Walking Meditation + a yoga workshop with chocolate! Book today to grab your spots. Feel free to also drop into my Monday night classes at 6.30pm at BAYoga Studio – just £5 to try your first class, £10 drop-in the rest of the time.

P.P.S. if you’re generally looking for a way to relax more then I strongly recommend joining my blissful, bountiful + beautiful group. You gain access to my Make 2015 Blissful, Bountiful + Beautiful workbook (you can start at any time!). Paying for this also gives you my Let Kundalini Yoga Change Your Life workbook with 4 full length yoga videos + 1 meditation video – perfect to start building in some you time to your daily routine. You can even do these in your PJs at home 🙂 I will also be releasing a Stress + Sleep e-workbook into the community in the next month or so, which you’ll get free as a part of your membership! So lots of lovely resources to help you to relax. Come + be part of the gorgeous community.



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