At the end of every year I go through a process of review of what has worked, what hasn’t, what needs to go + what needs to stay in my life for me to continue to evolve into the person I want to be + am capable of being.

Here are the key things I did in 2015 that I will be carrying with me into 2016 + the new habits I want to create in 2016.

Things that worked in 2015 that I will carry into 2016:

  1. Listen to inspiring podcasts – this is a brilliant way to make use of driving time or time waiting for other people. For me, it’s better than watching the news cycle because it inspires me more to take action + improve myself. My favourite podcast at the moment is The Tim Ferriss Show.
  2. Getting up early to do my morning routine as many days as possible – I can definitely tell the difference between a day that was started well + a day that wasn’t. For me I have quite a clear morning routine that sets me off to face the world in a good mood. I get up in the morning (I use my Jawbone UP’s silent vibrating alarm so I don’t bother my partner) between 5.30-6am. I work out for 30 minutes. That work out includes a 30 day challenge of some sort to keep me motivated. I usually find these on Pinterest – feel free to follow my current work out board. I then take 30 minutes for some kind of spiritual practice, again if there is a challenge I can engage in here I will – Spirit Voyage do some lovely global sadhanas for those of you who might be interested in kundalini yoga or meditation. I make a super healthy vegan smoothie + take vitamin supplements for D, B12, omega oils and a multivitamin. Perfect way to start the day.
  3. Drink water more often than I think I need to – left to my own devices I would probably only manage a couple of glasses of water per day, but I’ve noticed what a huge impact being hydrated has on my mood + my ability to control my eating. Now I target a large glass of water in the morning after my workout, 1 large glass in the morning at work, 1 large glass in the afternoon at work and 2+ large glasses in the evening.
  4. Outsource. I am not a domestic goddess, and I genuinely don’t care. At the moment I have a cleaner, gardener + somebody who does my ironing. For my business I have a web team + an accountant as well as a virtual assistant. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not made of money so I use these to a limited extent – but my time ended up being more valuable than saving money on these things + my quality of life has vastly improved.
  5. Socialise like an introvert. I am not an extrovert. I probably need to see my friends + socialise around once per week, maximum. I don’t need to be out the entire weekend. I am more than happy pottering around my home doing lovely things that I enjoy + not talking to anybody. So I’ve stopped pretending to be an extrovert + I socialise in a manner + frequency that suits me. This does mean saying no to people sometimes which I have learnt to be perfectly OK with.
  6. Undertake a weekly review. Every week I follow a specific process to check in on all my projects, mail, letters etc + get organised. This then allows me to feel on top of things + organised. If you’re interested in my secrets to doing then check this out.
  7. Find new ways to learn – I love to learn but sometimes I forget I do. Sometimes I just curl up on the couch + watch episodes of my current Netflix obsession + zone out. But what I actually want to do is learn. I want to go to museums + art galleries even if I hate everything I see there. I want to go to events where I can learn about historically or politically relevant events. I want to go to conferences, watch TEDtalks + read books recommended by others. I regularly reignite that light that is needed to engage fully in the world by learning from others.
  8. Spend less time with people who don’t elevate me. As the quote goes, we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time around. That hits home a little when you think about who those 5 people might be. I intentionally try to spend less time around people who don’t move me in the direction I need to me so that I can bring my average up. To be the light we need to surround ourselves with light.
  9. Stop worrying. It’s been a rough year in some respects + while I haven’t experienced anything life-threatening, I’ve realised how important it is not to worry too much. It doesn’t help or make things better. Infact, it simply tires you + drains you. You have no energy left to live your life in the way you intend to. So I often reach my limit of worry + then say, fuck it (+ obviously meditate + practice yoga + all the things you would expect!) + let it go. Worry is of no use to me when there’s nothing I can do.
  10. Be open to change. A few years ago the thought of having children + settling down + leading a slower, differently busy kind of life would have had me running out the door. Now, something has changed. I am not broody, as such. I’m just longing. I’m deeply longing for a different sort of life. Perhaps it’s inevitable with this continuous personal development path I am committed to that these changes will come, at times, out of nowhere. Whatever has happened, I am ready for change. I am open. + I feel like I can face it all with a brave + open heart.

New habits I want to build into 2016:

  1. Return to writing – I used to be prolific but in the last ten years I haven’t maintained it. It’s such an enormous part of who I am that I feel a part of me is missing without it. So I’d like to commit to some morning + evening writing as often as possible to bring me back to myself.
  2. Letting go of decaf – while I have been caffeine-free for a few years, I have never entirely let go of decaf. I know it’s full of nasty chemicals + I’ve been gently weaning myself off it, so I’d like to see that progress this year.
  3. Getting help when I need it – I am used to doing a lot of things by myself but it’s really important to learn from others. I’m not entirely sure how I want to manifest this at the moment – I am wondering if I might think about a business coach or a mastermind group. Certainly as a minimum being more able to acknowledge when I need expert advise.
  4. Keep building my beauty routine – I’ve come a long way in 2015 but it’s not quite there yet. I’ve become a curly girl but I’m still not 100% happy with my hair + the maintenance of it. Similarly for my skin, I have selected paleo, vegan skincare which has improved it but I am not always consistent in it’s use.
  5. Only wearing clothes that make me feel good – a very empowering idea I want to try as sometimes I throw things on on my way out of the door + then don’t feel comfortable throughout the day.
  6. Enjoy more handmade creativity – I have always loved this but never allowed myself the time to explore it. Pinterest is always really good inspiration here as are a few other resources I have access to so I just want to create some space to engage more in this.
  7. Eat nourish bowls – I love the idea of these! These are bowls with a specific amount of certain types of ingredients that allow you to have a balanced + nourishing meal. I want to have these for lunch as often as possible.
  8. Eat less sugar – I’m not going to say that I’m ready to go sugar free, but I definitely want to reduce my sugar intake. This probably will rely on my having to hand some healthy sugar-free dessert recipes so that I can enjoy a treat without going on a sugar rampage.
  9. Drink good wine – this has been gradually happening in 2015 so I’d like to see this more in 2016. I am getting pickier + pickier with my wine. I drink a lot less than I used to, so I figure when I do drink, I might as well make sure that it’s divine.
  10. Enjoy better quality time with my love – I want us to do more interesting things together rather than monging out infront of the TV which can be our tendency as we both work pretty hard during the week.

There are loads more but I think ten of each is enough for now.

How about you? What are you keeping that worked in 2015 + what new things do you want to bring in? I’d love to know!

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Love light Raeeka (1)

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