Hey beautiful

If you’re just getting to know me and you’re not sure where to start then I strongly suggest you sign up to gain access to the Bliss-seekers group AND get a cheat sheet on my 12 areas of focus and how to start using them to lead a more fulfilled life. I give away a huge amount of FREE meaningful techniques to lead a fulfilling life within 7 days of being on my list. Join me, dearheart.


Other popular freebies

Magic scroll for when you feel icky – print a copy, make a scroll out of it or keep it in a safe place to use when you feel icky before you dive into the ice cream!

Just breathe! (Video)  learn how to breathe long and deeply for a calmer mind

Fearless sitting (Video) learn how to sit for meditation + yoga

Spinal Flex (Video) try this 3 minute exercise to bring flexibility into your spine

Yoga Nidra (MP3 audio) – a meditation you can do while lying down

I Am Happy (Children’s meditation) – a meditation you can do with your children

Calm the Heart (video) – a meditation to help you de-stress and reduce the impacts of your emotions on your actions

Open the Heart (video)- a meditation to open your heart to others

For Healing (video) – a meditation to help you heal

Act, Don’t React (video) – a meditation to help you act, rather than react

For Focus & Sweetness (video) – a simple silent meditation for focus

Sat Kriya  (video) – learn how to do one 3 minute kundalini yoga posture

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