Hello dearest souls,

Welcome! I’m Raeeka. I’m a bliss-seeker and a joy guide.

I’m SO happy you are here, so we can share something wonderful. I have a pretty wonderful life full of moments of deep joy + happiness. I would be honoured to help you create the same for yourself. My approach is a blend of spirituality + practicality. I love to be organised + I love to set goals + intentions to make things happen. I also love to create space to connect + go within.

For me, balancing being practical + being spiritual is the ideal way to live a blissful life.

How can I help you today, dearheart?




I used to be a mess.

I really need you to know this.

Let’s wind back to single digit age. I used to be afraid to get off the school bus. I’d have to work up the courage just to concentrate on walking down the bus steps so I didn’t fall off in an anxiety attack. One time I even inadvertently let a friend miss the bus even though I’d seen them running for it, because I didn’t have the courage to shout out and tell the bus driver to wait. I was too scared to do a simple thing.

I used to be a people pleaser. First born syndrome. Always wanting to do what other people want you to do so you can feel valued. I spent years saying yes to my parents, teachers, friends, potential boyfriends. I said yes to everybody but myself. This went on for years.

I used to get really low. Really low. So low I didn’t know what to do with myself, low. I would let weeks pass in a dark cloud. People probably didn’t know because I was good at hiding it. I was entirely unfulfilled. I  kept repeating the same mistakes again and again. Instead of going inside myself for the answers I would look at how I could achieve and how I could deliver on other people’s expectations in the hope that it would make me happy.

I’m still messy because I’m human, and we’re all messy. But I’m fulfilled now.

I started my journey to connect to myself at a young age, reading self-development books while most young people were out drinking. I’ve practiced wicca, buddhism and every other path I thought might be a fit for me. I talked about the purpose and meaning of life every chance I got.

Gradually, I found kundalini yoga. I found meditation. I found that feeling of knowing true beauty lives right inside me. I found my confidence. I found that deep connection with my inner teacher that knows everything I want and need I already have and I already am.


I’ve dug myself out of the pigeon hole people put me in and I’ve learnt to please myself. Not in a selfish or indulgent way. In a deeply nourishing way that is a listening to the call of the heart. The song of soul.

I am free to be infinity.

I found as my spirit gained strength that I still needed a structure in which to allow it to run free. Letting my heart run the show all the time is delightful but in reality doesn’t get anything done. Then we get back to a sense of not feeling fulfilled. So I needed balance.

I learnt to evaluate my life based on 12 areas of focus which I come back to on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. This helps me to see if something is out of alignment. Spirit is one of the 12 areas, but so are money, family and creativity. I created a system in which I could connect to my inner self in the safe knowledge that I would still get the day to day done. I wasn’t a monk up at the top of a mountain disengaged from real life. I still have to take the bins out and pay my bills and still have time to wonder at the world and experience deep gratitude for my life.

I’m free to be an ordinary person experiencing the extraordinary.

And in recent years the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle I didn’t know was in play is slotting into piece. To experience true fulfilment and deep joy – I need to share this with others. I am compelled to help others find the best versions of themselves so they too can serve others.

Are you done being a mess?

Just click below to join me on my journey to deep freedom. To soul songs. To warmth in your heart and stars in your eyes. To being focused and organised. Being spiritually aligned and high on life, but still getting the washing done and the to do list crossed off.

To being an every day supernova. A little piece of the universe, embodied as an ordinary human. To putting FULFILMENT ahead of ACHIEVEMENT.


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